Things to Know About Divorce

There are a few things that the vast majority of people would like to know regarding divorce, like how to obtain a divorce quickly and when they will be able to change their name. This article will go over just a few of those questions

1. Can I obtain a quick divorce? A quick or immediate divorce is not a possibility in Australia because of the country’s legal system. In order to file for divorce, the parties involved need to have been living apart from one another for at least a year. In the event that there is an attempt at reconciliation that is unsuccessful for a period of 3 months, the duration of separation will be reset to 12 months. It requires at least four months, on average, from the time a divorce petition is filed until the divorce itself is finalised. If you want to get married or divorced, you need a good lawyer, pls do look into family law Brisbane

2. What happens if we continued to live together throughout the time we were legally separated? You may still file for divorce, but you will be required to present documentation that you are no longer together. This may entail refraining from sexual behavior, living in different rooms, maintaining separate bank accounts, preparing your own meals, and being transparent about your breakup with friends, family, and even neighbours.

3. Since we haven’t been married for a very long time, does this suggest that the divorce process will be quicker? If you and your spouse have been married for less than 2 years, you will first have to attend a formal meeting and acquire a confirmation from your counsellor. This requirement applies only if you and your spouse have been married for less than two years. An affidavit has to be submitted in the event that this isn’t possible due to exceptional circumstances. After that, the usual processes for getting a divorce begin, including the waiting period of one year.

4. Is it still feasible to get a divorce even if my spouse does not want one? If you are able to demonstrate that the marriage has “irretrievably broken down,” then you have established grounds for filing for divorce. Nevertheless, there are strict dates for the submission of court paperwork, and both parties have to be informed about the divorce proceeding that will take place. They have the option of submitting a response before to the hearing if they are going to contest the divorce.

5. If I get divorced, may I be married again right away? After you have received your divorce document, it will be another month before your marital status is regarded to be official. No, you shouldn’t get remarried right away since doing so would constitute bigamy.

6. Do I need to wait until the divorce is finalised to revert to my maiden name? You have the option of reverting to your maiden name prior to, during, and after the divorce process. In order to legally change a child’s name, both of the child’s parents must give their approval.