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Rockin’ Daddys

582250_10150940441832846_391289300_nBased in Melbourne Australia, the Rockin’ Daddys is a 4 piece rockabilly inspired band with a ton of grunt, a big fat sound and awesome live. Gigging since 2004 the band is a regular headline act at special interest vehicle events in Australia and New Zealand. The band also is a regular in pubs and clubs in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Tassie and everywhere in between.

The Atomic Rockin’ Daddys is a crowd pleasin live act that can cut the mustard with any age group and do gathering fans where ever they go. For these gigs, they have a tamer repertoire with some Elvis influence for the mums. Working under two names with two styles means collectively their repertoire is huge, handy sometimes when they get booked for a wedding or work party.